Courses / Master Program

Courses for Master Degree Program

I. Field Required Courses
There are four courses in "field selected courses" for each field, all courses are delivered every academic year.
Master degree program students are required to complete at least three "field selected courses" from a selected field.

  • Required
    • Seminar on Communication Networks (I) and (II)
  • Field selected courses
    • Data Communication*
    • Advanced Computer Networks*
    • Distributed Processing Systems
    • Queuing Theory
  • Required
    • Seminar on Information Systems (I) and (II)
  • Field selected courses
    • Advanced Operating Systems *
    • Advanced Algorithms
    • Advanced Computer Architectures
    • Information Security*
  • Required
    • Seminar on Multimedia Engineering (I) and (II)
  • Field selected courses
    • Data Mining
    • Advanced Image Processing
    • Advanced Computer Graphics *
    • Machine Learning

II. Optional Courses
Student can choose freely what they want to complete in optional courses. However, not all courses are delivered every academic year.
The (U, M, D) marks after the course name, if exists, means that the course is held for Undergraduate, Master, Doctor programs respectively.

  • Special Topic: Information Theory (I)
  • Special Topic: Information Systems (I)
  • Special Topic: Communication Networks (I) 
  • Special Topic: Multimedia Engineering (I) 
  • Computer Vision(M, D)
  • Fuzzy Theory (M, D)
  • Pattern Recognition (M, D)
  • Electronic Commerce (M, D)
  • Artificial Neural Network (M, D)
  • Spoken Language Systems (M, D)
  • Communications Coding Theory (M, D)
  • Parallel Algorithms (M, D)
  • Theory of Computation (M, D)*
  • Speech Recognition (M, D)*
  • Knowledge Engineering and System (U, M)

  • Web Computing and XML (U, M)
  • Digital TV Applications and Services (M, D)
  • Wireless Communications (U, M)*
  • Introduction to Internet of Things(U,M)*
  • Object-Oriented Analysis and Design(U,M)
  • Meta-heuristics and Problem Solving (U, M)

  • Internship in Information Technology Industry (U, M)
  • Trends and Practices in Information Technology Industry (U, M)
  • Advanced Database Systems (M, D)
  • Embedded System Design (M, D)
  • Information Retrieval and Extraction (M, D)*
  • Data Compression (M, D)
  • Digital Signal Processing (M, D)
  • Speech Processing (U, M)
  • Compiler Design (U, M)
  • Computer-Aided Design for VLSI Design (U, M)*
  • Fault-Tolerant Computing (M, D)
  • Bioinformatics (M, D)
  • Multimedia System Design (M, D)*
  • Advanced Software Engineering (M, D)
  • Natural Language Processing (M, D)
  • Stochastic Processes (M, D)


*The courses could be taught in English
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